Ford Radio Code Service

We just need the serial number of your radio 🙂

Looking for a Ford radio code? We supply Ford radio codes 7 days a week. Ford codes are available shortly after submitting. We can decode ALL Ford models from any country! Ford Fiesta, Explorer,Focus, Escort, etc.

Radio's Unlocked
"I got the number and bingo, it worked straight away. I was so relieved I could not describe. I would recommend using this service than going to the dealer, who may or may not be able to help."​
Mark, a customer having issues with a locked radio.

How do I get the serial number?

The easiest way is by seeing it on the label after you remove the radio unit.

But you can also try these methods:

Try holding preset buttons 1 & 6 for 2-4 seconds, it will start to load and your serial number should show up. 

If that doesn’t work then try holding preset buttons 2 and 6. Please write your serial number down and make sure it is accurate before continuing to the next step.

Can you decode "V" serial numbers?

YES absolutely! We are one of the few places on the internet that can help get your radio code for these.

My Ford is outside the US (ie, United Kingdom) will this still work?

YES! Absolutely. We are one of the very few places on the internet where you can decode Ford radios from any country. Including the United Kingdom.

How long will it take?

We send out codes as soon as possible, usually rather quickly during our timezone.

How do I get a free radio code?

Nothing good in life is free, if you’d like to lock up your radio permanently with random information you find online, you can… but then you’ll have to replace the entire stereo. Doesn’t sound free. Or you can go to the dealership… Also not a free option. We don’t charge much, and you’re in good hands, trust us.