Honda Radio Code Service

We just need the serial number of your radio 🙂


Looking for a Honda radio code? We supply Honda radio codes 7 days a week. Honda codes are available shortly after submitting. We can decode ALL Honda models from any country! 

Guaranteed to work!

How do I get the serial number?

  • Make sure the radio is OFF. 
  • Then hold buttons 1 & 6 at the same timewhile also turning ON your radio. 
  • Enter this serial number into our form.
*For a navigation, hold down menu, map, cancel all at the same time, and then select “status/unit check” and then “Navi ECU” and the serial number will display, enter this into our form.
In some rare cases you may have to press and hold the top sections of the SEEK/SKIP and CH/DISC buttons. And now press and let go of the PWR/VOL knob. You should now see the display changing between two screens. Enter this serial number into our form to get your code.

For older models (2000 and older)

You’ll need to remove the radio and you’ll see the serial number on the back. 🙂

How long does it take to get my radio code?

 🙂 All radio codes are sent out as soon as possible! 

Why does it need a radio code?

The most common reason why your Honda requires a radio code is because you removed or replaced the battery. This triggers the anti theft lock in the radio or navigation and wants to verify it was not stolen by requesting a code. It is a very annoying process as most car owners don’t have the original code that came with the radio. So you’ll need to use our service to recover it by giving us your serial number. And we will then send you back a working radio code to unlock it and get it working again.

I see Err, ERR7, etc what do I do?

You’ve locked it up too much. You’ll need to disconnect the car battery for 30-40 minutes and then it should then display CODE instead and then use our normal instructions above to get the serial number. Don’t keep guessing! Use our service to get the correct code. Otherwise you’ll have to replace the entire radio, which isn’t cheap.. $150-$500 for an auto shop…Trust us, DON’T try to guess yourself or try any random tricks you found 🙂

My Honda is outside of the US (ie, Canada) will this still work?

YES! Absolutely. We are one of the very few places on the internet where you can decode Canadian, Australian and international Honda radios.

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