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Is your Honda radio requesting a code? Your radio or navigation system is security LOCKED. It’s a common problem for Honda owners. We have helped over 8,000 people for over 5 years with this problem, and we are prepared to help you quickly as well.

We can get ALL Honda codes for ALL radios in ANY country.

Trust our easy and simple process. Save time and money. Codes and our advice for your situation is sent to your email shortly after submitting.

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Radio's Unlocked

Don’t go to the dealership, it can cost up to $100-$200 to fix. Just fill out our simple form and request a code to be sent to your email. We’ve done this over 8,000 times.

How long does it take?

Anywhere from 10 minutes to 12 hours depending on your timezone ūüôā All codes are guaranteed in under 24 hours.

Why did this happen?

It typically occurs when you replace a flat tire, or change the car battery. It can be fixed easily using our service, we’ll get your navigation or radio blasting music again shortly. It is a security feature that while well intentioned is an annoyance for many legitimate car owners.

I see Err, ERR7, ERROR etc what do I do?

You’ve locked it up too much. Don’t keep guessing!¬†Disconnect your battery for 1 hour and then use our service to get the correct code. Otherwise you’ll have to replace the entire radio, which isn’t cheap.. $150-$500 for an auto shop…Trust us, DON’T try to guess yourself or try any random tricks you found¬†ūüôā

How do I get the serial number? (2001 and newer)

  • Turn the key/ignition to¬†ON. Check that the display says “CODE”.
  • Turn OFF the radio, then hold the preset buttons 1 & 6 at the same time,¬†while¬†also turning on your radio
Have a navigation? 
  • Turn¬†OFF¬†the radio, then hold the preset buttons SEEK/SKIP and CH/DISC¬†at the same time,¬†while¬†also¬†turning on your radio
  • OR by holding down the menu, map, cancel, buttons (usually on the right side of the nav) all at once, and then on the new screen, select “status/unit check”, and then “Navi ECU” and the serial number will display.

2000 and older

You’ll need to remove the radio and you’ll see the serial number on the back

My Honda is outside of the US (ie, Canada) will this still work?

YES! Absolutely. We are one of the very few places on the internet where you can decode Canadian, Australian, United Kingdom/British and international Honda radios from ANY country.

I bought my radio second hand, and the VIN won't match

No problem. We can decode the radio without the VIN. You’ll get your radio code without ever needing to provide us with the VIN number.¬†

How do I get a free radio code?

Nothing good in life is free, if you’d like to lock up your radio permanently¬†with random information you find online, you can… but then you’ll have to replace the entire stereo. Doesn’t sound free. Or you can go to the dealership… Also not a free option. We don’t charge much, and you’re in good hands, trust us.

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