Skoda Radio Codes (SKZ)

Looking for a Skoda radio code? We supply Skoda radio codes 24 Hours a Day, 7 days a week. Skoda unlock codes are available within 24 hours after submitting. We can decode ALL Skoda models

Do I have to remove my radio to get the serial number?

Unfortunately yes, UNLESS you have a navigation display. Then the serial number should appear at the bottom of the screen in some cases, starting with SKZ

How long does it take?

Anywhere from 10 minutes to 12 hours depending on your timezone 🙂 All codes are guaranteed in under 24 hours.

How do I find the serial number?

The serial number starts with SKZ, and is either on the back of the radio after removing it, or on the display screen at the bottom also starting with SKZ.

Radio's Unlocked

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